Austin V. Hansen Photography


With over 20 years of experience, my introduction to a life of photography was through my father, Austin V. Hansen, who had his own photographic studio for close to 50 years. When I was just seven years old, he began to take me on all sorts of jobs — weddings, banquets, birthday parties, conferences, church events, and more. He covered many areas of photography from portraiture to commercial jobs.

When I started junior high school it became mandatory that I work at the studio after school. At first it was not to my liking, but little did I know that I was learning an art form, from a master photographer, that would become a part of my life and work.

As an apprentice to my father, and later as his assistant, I learned every aspect of the business of running a photographic studio, from printing photographs in the darkroom to learning the special skills needed to successfully cover weddings and other large events. I have also studied medical photography at the Germain School of Photography.